May 2013 Exercise Challenge

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may weight loss challengeBlack Women Losing Weight’s May 2013 Exercise Challenge – This month we are going to focus on exercise.  Follow the daily calendar and routines below.  I’ve posted links to video instructions for the exercises you may not be familiar with as well.  You can add these routines to your current exercise efforts for more of a challenge or use them as your main exercise program.  I suggest that you do at least 30 min of cardio 3-4 days per week along with these routines if your can fit it in.  The goal this month is to workout 6 days per week.  If you want to adjust this calendar to your schedule, that’s fine.  Just focus on fitting in exercise 6 days per week.

What should you focus on in terms of eating this month?  EAT CLEAN!!  You can’t out exercise a bad diet, so make sure that you avoid the negative impact foods that you know you need to avoid.  Avoid fast food, highly processed foods, white sugar, white flour, artificial sweeteners and chemicals.  Focus on fresh fruits and veggies, lean meats, whole grains, etc.

How do you join us? – You join the challenge by committing to follow the calendar, doing the workouts and checking-in each weekend.  How do you check-in?  By posting a status message to Facebook or our online community…or by posting a blog post to our online community.

Disclaimer: Before starting any new diet and exercise program please check with your doctor and clear any exercise and/or diet changes with them before beginning. I am not a doctor or registered dietitian. I do not claim to cure any cause, condition or disease. I do not provide medical or nutrition advice for the purpose of health or disease nor claim to be a doctor or dietitian.


~ May 2013 ~









Routine 1 
Routine 1
Routine 2
Routine 2
Routine 3 
Routine 3
Rest Day
Routine 1
Routine 2
Routine 3
Routine 1
Routine 2 
Routine 3
Rest Day
Routine 2
Routine 3
Routine 3
Routine 1
Routine 1 
Routine 2
Rest Day
Routine 3
Routine 3
Routine 2
Routine 2
Routine 1 
Routine 1
Rest Day
Routine 1
Routine 2
Routine 3

Download the Calendar and Routines – PDF Document – May-2013-Calendar

Routine 1

Routine 2

Routine 3

30 jumping jacks
20 mountain climbers
10 burpees
40 high knees
30 butt kickers
15 star jumps
30 bicycles
10 push ups
30 crunches

(Do this routine 3 times)

20 burpees
30 regular lunges (15 on each leg)
20 regular squats
30 second wall sit
30 fire hydrants (15 on each leg)
20 sumo squats
30 inner thigh lifts  (15 on each leg)
20 plie squats
30 jumping jacks

(Do this routine 3 times)

80 jumping jacks
50 vertical leg crunches
20 sit-ups
15 tricep dips
20 squats
15 leg lifts
40 Russian twists
8 sun salutations
10 burpees

(Do this routine 3 times)


  • This workout is not quick.  You want to carve out 30-45 min.  Think workout video.
  • Give yourself 30 sec to 1 min to rest between exercises and 2-4 min between the 3 sets.
  • If you can’t do all 40 or all 30 of the reps in the beginning, that’s fine.  Do what you can.  Over the course of the month you will be able to do more.
  • Don’t hurt yourself – If you are injured or have an old injury don’t make it worse by pushing yourself too hard.  We all have to know our limits.  If you feel like you should stop, STOP!
  • Modify where you need to.  Do a simplified exercise or switch for a simpler exercise in one of the routines.

Need to know how to do these exercises?  Check out these videos on YouTube!

Bonus Challenge:  I recently found out about “HangTight with MarC” and I want you to check out this positive sister.  She posts a fitness challenge each month.  This month, her challenge is all about posture.  This would be a great addition to your efforts this month.

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  1. Barbara Williams Gray says:

    I am going to lose 110 pounds. I need some help though. 🙂

  2. Jess says:

    I’m ready!

  3. Ashleigh says:

    Okay, this is totally doable for me. Challenging but not impossible. Thanks for providing the links to the videos because I had no idea what a lot of these exercises are!
    Excited to get started in May with this!

  4. Anita Marshe' says:

    I just wanna lose 66 pounds buth i need help every time try to focuss inalways end up messing up

    • lisa says:

      i know the feeling my sister! Same here but i have now learned to fall and get back up and try again! Good Luck to you! i too have alot to lose and need the encouragement

    • Melissa says:

      what turned the tide for me was accepting that this is not a diet but a way of life. i know i won’t hit every mark every time with this but i will always go for it.

    • Yolanda Eve says:

      Hi my name is Yolanda and I am trying to lose at least 50 pounds and every time I get into it I always mess up as well. I am a diabetic and I was told if I lose 40 to 50 pounds I can get off the meds. Its harder then it sounds but I have faith and I am going to do it.

  5. krs says:

    Leg lifts (Routine 3): should these be standing leg lifts (glutes) or lying down (abs)?

  6. johnnie johnson says:

    I want lose about 50 pounds and this stomach fat. I try so hard every year,but had no support. I’m determined this time.

  7. Lisa says:

    This is awesome, thanks!

  8. Cynthia says:

    I need to lose 100 too! I’d settle for 10 pounds a month. I’m in!

  9. Shanta Hiller says:

    I am ready I will do this challenge!!!!

  10. meloveshair says:

    Oh I am so happy that I happened upon this. Just in time for the May challenge. Going to PR in August and have to be muy caliente!

  11. tinneil says:

    I’m trying to lose 132 lbs. I’m so ready for this challenge.

  12. Oneida Holloman says:

    I’m looking forward to this challenge. I need to lose 8 inches in my waist area. I was focused on losing weight, but after researching I realized I could weigh 171 now and have a 40 inch waist line, or I could get healthy still weigh 171 with a 32 inch waist line since muscle weighs more than fat, yet takes up less space. Throwing the daily scale checking out the window and using my weekly tape measures instead. Thanks for creating this great group 🙂

  13. Tahji says:

    This looks very challenging but I love that fact I wont have to go to a gym to do these exercises. May will be the beginning of my 3 month of working out and eating well. I have 42 pounds to go. I pray much continued success for all you on the road to weight loss/healthy eating.

  14. Melissa says:

    the challenge is on. my daughters and i have a small wager on the line that will result in a small prize but the bigger prize is us moving our bodies and sharing in this. can’t wait. i’m even thinking of before/after pics for the month.

  15. Rena says:

    I am excited to get started tomorrow. I have to admit I am out of control. I am looking forward to the support I can receive from this site.

    I know I can do this because I have done it before.

  16. Meosha says:

    I’m so ready. I need to lose 110 lbs. I’m excited and pumped. 2 month of eating clean and exercising

  17. Ms. Deonne says:

    I’m up for the May Challenge! I’m a first timer and looking to lose 40+ pounds…I wish you all the BEST. WE CAN DO IT 🙂

  18. freda says:

    I am excited about doing the May challenge!! I want to lose about 50 pounds but if I can lose more that would be awesome.

  19. vilettie clark says:

    It makes me feel good to know there are others out there like me. My daughter and i joined fitness connection the first week of march. I cut my last meal off at 6:00pm. Went to gym 3 days a week. Treadmill for 45 min,arm weights 15. Weighed april10,i lost 21 lbs. My goal is 40. I made 50 on feb 2013 i have high blood pressure.

  20. Gail Bedford says:

    I’m ready for this. See you @ the end of the month! Good luck everyone!

  21. Cathy says:

    Have knee issues but going to push myself need to lose 40 lbs and my buttock need trimming too so pray we can all do it!!!

  22. Pat Temp says:

    50 pounds to go, lets get started ladies. Cant wait to track my success.

  23. Dominique H says:

    I commit to during the May’s challenge

  24. Nayla Ivelisse says:

    This is awesome got the hubby to do the routine with me this morning * NOTE TO SELF when doing the moutian climbers wear shoes or at least not barefoot on a hard wood floor you will go sliping and sliding lol

  25. April Williams says:

    I need to lose 100lbs. I’m excited about the May challange. It’s been a stuggle but i’m gonna make it.

  26. Denyce says:

    I’m excited to find a new me (about 50-75lbs lighter)and I believe that this May challenge may be just what I need to get started. THANKS!!!

  27. valerie white says:

    I am excited about the May Challenge, Leggo Go!!!!

  28. Glodinah says:

    I want to loose 10kgs and will do my best

  29. dra says:

    So happy to find others in the same spot I am in….need to lose 100 pounds and I am determined to do this…to save my life and do it for life…thanks for The site and support…anyone desire to ride with me for support I am reaching out…WISHING US SUCCESS

  30. Robbie says:

    I’m about to do my first work out in about 30min. Wanna make a short term goal for Memorial Day weekend so I’m gonna try to knock off 20 pounds first by May 24(at 255 as of today)

  31. Zebbie Warren says:

    Looking forward to this challenge! I’m sooo in

  32. Nelly says:

    I am looking to loose at least 35 to 40 pounds by September my Birthday and wedding. I need some help. I have been watching this site for a while now and I just decided to become active and read more. I need friends that will help motivate me to get going everyday. I will strive for my goal

  33. SyVonne says:

    Ihave lost 80lbs since May2012 looking to lose atleast 50more. we can do this ladies. what is the website for some of the exercises?

  34. Toi says:

    I am going to incorporate this with my program just for that extra uummphh !!!

  35. Okay, ladies I’m in. Weight goal:125-150 lbs,and 2 inches off of arms, stomach, and thighs. Uploaded before pics today on my social networks.

  36. Shivonne says:

    I have fibromyalgia and everybody keeps telling me I need to exercise to help it. So I feel like this challenge is just what I need. I am trying to lose this belly fat and tone and tighten the rest of my body. Need to add some muscle and get some definition to these legs! Going to start using my gym membership next week. Hoping to be swimsuit ready by july! I cant wait to see how this goes

  37. shea says:

    First day done!!!

  38. Ros Boyd says:

    I’ve been receiving emails from BWLW for months but I never participated. When I saw the May Challenge, I decided to join. I did the first routine and thought I was going to pass out! Then, I went to the gym (my husband has been paying for the membership for 8 months!) for the first time and walked on the treadmill. Again, thought I was going to pass out. Please help me stay motivated ladies.

  39. Maria says:

    Ok I just walked 3 1/2 miles got done and started to do some of the May challenge. I can do this its not as easy as I thought but I’m going to challenge myself. I want to lose 55 lbs. I’m still stuggling with eating rite but I can make it happen. God is my supporter

  40. johnnie johnson says:

    Just did the intensed workout and I am feeling it. My first time working out like that. Nice! Nice!

  41. Keya says:

    I want to lose 30 pounds and I am starting this today. Being apart of this community will keep me focused and accountable. I’m ready! Good Luck to everyone!

  42. Robbie says:

    Yesterday’s workout wasn’t bad, but I’m starting to feel sore now….ugh Her we go day 2!!!!!!

  43. Queeny says:

    I am 19 years and i weigh 190pounds , I do 15 mins cardio and the may challenge. It is not that easy , but with God all things are possible. I read the success stories everyday to motivate me

  44. Queeny says:

    I want to lose 40 pounds , i am happy abt dis challenge and ready to commit myself to it

  45. keishajones says:

    What can i do to lose my back fat and lose 80lbs

  46. Aleisha says:

    I have no goal I have lost a total of 71LBS and want to lost more. Maybe I will stop when I get 200 LBS. I love this May Challenge

  47. Nita says:

    I’m ready to get started.

  48. Chantae says:

    Joining in with the challenge! I have a Weightloss goal of 140 pounds!

  49. Mikisha says:

    2014 is my year and I’m starting with this challenge. Wieght loss and new business venture here I come!!!!

  50. Denise says:

    I need to lose 150 pounds . I know I can do this with the Gods help.

  51. I’m ready to lose 20pounds!!!!!! LET’S GO I’m 18 & college student om ready .

  52. Ada says:

    I’m keeping up but sore–whew!

  53. JusaintRite says:

    I need to lose too but I want to start small, like 5lbs and go from there already did my 5 mile walking and just downloaded this calendar. When he speaks you better listen…so letz go girls, We got this!

  54. Pam says:

    I have started several weight loss programs and failed. I am now going to do it naturally and on my own but I need support/motivation. I need to lose 110 lbs.

  55. Voronica says:

    Day 6 of May Challenge done. I have tried for several years to lose weight. (Which my goal is to lose 50 lbs). I started Insanity April 8 and today I am on day 29. It is suppose to be Recovery Week, but it is very intense. I have lost a total of 14″ in my first month, but only 3.6 lbs. I have now taken the scale out of my room! I have completely changed my thought process and as long as I know I am giving my all, I will not focus on a number! This challenge has really pushed me even harder. This is also a tough workout, but I have made it through. I usually take a 5 min rest in between each round. I look forward to getting it in each and every day. Thanks:-)

    • ajima says:

      Way to Go, Voronica!

      • Mechelle says:

        My goal is to get 50lbs off. The scale is not my friend so I have a pair of paints that are the size I want to wear one day so I will keep trying them on until I can fit them.

      • Deborah says:

        Well, I’m starting tomorrow on the May 27th routine and I plan to start the 3 day detox to. I am 53, I take BP and diabetic meds and it needs to stop here. I am presently weighing in at 247 an it has me stressed out an has been that way for years. I believe I have the courage I just need you girls for support and I will return support cause we got to hang in here together,. I will be posting on my success. Now all I need to know is what meals to fix after the detoxing..any ideas. Thanks!

  56. Theresa says:

    Week one and kind of sore pushing for this 8th day………here I go

  57. Nomsa Mapani says:

    Hey so far so gud enjoying the May challenge but I hve a problem with routine 2 it looks easy but the r challenging routines indeed.In the first week only managed 2 do 2 repetitions but hopin 2 increase by next week,gud luck y’all

  58. Shan J says:

    I need to lose 100lbs. I have started and stopped so many time and made so many excuses for myself but this time I can’t stop I have a man that loves me and I want to be healthy for me and so that I can have a family one day 🙂

  59. NEISHA says:


  60. Vicki says:

    I am so ready to hop on board and lose 40lbs and learn how to eat clean and become healthy. WE CAN DO THIS LADIES….LET’S GO!!!

  61. krs says:

    Results from the May Challenge:
    May 1: 203 lbs.
    May 31: 194 lbs.
    Clean eating + exercise, that’s it!
    Thank you SO MUCH for this site and these monthly challenges! Best of luck to all my sistas!

  62. Leticia Gant says:

    I am determined to lose 65 pounds, put its easy to fall back into old habits. And excrising is hard for me because of a bad back. So I’m going try swimming since, the weather allows it.. and this Site is awesome wish me luck.

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