Nothing is easy to the unwilling

by | September 20, 2012 | 2 Comments

Today’s Inspiration | “Nothing is easy to the unwilling.”
-Nikki Giovanni

BWLW Ladies, Consider this: Perhaps weight loss has not come easy for you because you are unwilling to change. Are you truly willing to do the hard things? Are you willing to sacrifice what you are clinging to?

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  1. Debra Ann says:

    YES ! I am willing to change my mind @ me. I am willing to change my mind @ what I want and think that I need to eat. I am willing to change my mind @ controlling everything and everyone. My only priority today, tomorrow and the next day and yesterday is to #1 serve God, #2 go to work #3 deal with my weight and eating issues #4 go back to #1 and focus ! Nothing else. #5 develop my business.

    As I am learning to be patient with my eating, I am patient with my mouth. I am patient with my organization. I feel as if I can conquer the small things ( Picking big things up – moving and bending). Most importantly, I am willing to be still and know that God is in control of his world. I am just a part of it. So I have to go back to first principals first.

    I am willing. I am patient and I am determined. I know that I can go from 431 to 362 as I have before. Now I am at 374. I know that if I give up my control of doing the wrong things, I will get the right results just like I did when I achieve all of the other accomplishments in my life. Willing, Able, Determined.

    Sadness no longer gets food to cope. Anxiety, no longer is eased with food. Intense emotions and thing that I can’t control no longer chews to deal with it.

    215 Here I COME !!

    Debra Ann

  2. Cherron says:

    You seem focused and i feel that you will do whatever you put your mind too. I wish and pray all the success with this journey and others, you will SHINE!!!!

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