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by | August 26, 2013 | 6 Comments

Today’s featured weight loss journey:  TaTanesha lost 103 pounds by exercising regularly and eating a high protein diet after the loss of a child.  Now, she wants to inspire others to lose the pounds.  Here is what she shared with us:

weight loss journeyHi, My name is TaTanesha. I have lost 103 pounds in a little over a year. I lost it by exercising 6 days a week and loading up on the protein. I also have a weigh loss page on Facebook called, “watchTashrink…a weight loss journey”.  On the page, I share my eating habits, old photos, menus, and workout routines.  I want to thank BWLW for being such an inspiration to not only me but to many black women out there.

What motivated me to start my weight loss journey was the fact that I was so tired of buying big clothes and tired of my body hurting from the excess weight. I gained weight during a period of depression after my daughter passed away.  The weight just packed on. I looked up and I was a whopping 305 pounds. I decided to go on Weight Watchers. I lost 60 pounds and then I decided to give that a break and do it on my own. I ate more protein, cut the junk food, started doing Zumba and was walking 6 days a week. My current weight is 202 pounds. It took a year, I’m healthier now.  I’m motivated and blessed. Thank you so much for this page, it”s an inspiration.  BWLW, Keep up the great work!!!

TaTanesha weight loss

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  1. Lisa says:


    You look beautiful and you are doing it the right way…your way! Much success to you on your journey! Continue to share your story, you never know who it’s gonna inspire! It touched me today!

    Stay healthy and well.
    God bless you!

  2. Denise says:

    I am speechless but so motivated now!! Thanks for sharing your story and allowing us to go on your journey with the Facebook page. I am truly inspired by you!!

  3. Veronica says:

    Congratulations. You are another inspiration for me to continue on my journey. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Sam says:

    I’m so sorry to hear about your daughter. My condolences for your loss. You are a true inspiration to have gone through something so tragic and still overcome. You look great and keep it up, girl!

  5. Mariel Bacon says:

    So Very Proud of You! I am on the same Journey – Please help if you can. Please & Thank You

  6. Cherron says:

    You look amazing, keep up the good work

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