Benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar

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apple cider vinegarApple Cider Vinegar has a variety of food and non-food uses.  It’s used in salad dressings.  You can kill weeds with it.  Some even use it to clean coffee makers.  It’s benefits as a health remedy has been talked about for centuries.  Recently, Apple Cider Vinegar has been seen as a health tonic and something that can help detoxify the body and help the body to release weight.  While these claims are not seen as absolute fact, many women swear by apple cider vinegar as part of their overall weight loss plan and studies have been done on the benefits.

(Note: ACV is just a supplement. It’s not a quick fit diet aid. I don’t recommend for people with serious health issues and it can be harsh on the teeth due to acid. See all the disclaimers below*)

How Could Apple Cider Vinegar Help You?

  • It can help control blood sugar.
  • Drinking a bit of vinegar can help you feel full if you drink it before a meal, causing an appetite suppression affect.
  • Vinegar has also been shown to affect insulin secretion.
  • Helps regulate the pH of your skin and can help with acne and warts.  The pH affect is also what causes your body to detox and maintain a healthy alkaline pH level

Natural News: “In a 2005 study in the “European Journal of Clinical Nutrition,” scientists fed bread plus low, medium or high amounts of vinegar to twelve healthy subjects, while the control group ate plain bread. Those who received the vinegar felt fuller than the control group, and the effect increased with the amount of vinegar ingested. While vinegar soaked bread may not be your favorite dish, you might try sipping vinegar in water along with your meal or having a salad dressed with vinegar and oil. Be sure to brush your teeth after sipping vinegar as it can be hard on tooth enamel.”

Mind Body Green: “In a 2009 study published in Bioscience, Biotechnology, and Biochemistry, it was found that subjects that consumed acetic acid for 12 weeks experienced significant declines in body weight, abdominal fat, waist circumference and triglycerides. Triglycerides contribute to the bad cholesterol that we want to avoid.”

How do you use it?

Add 1 tablespoon of organic apple cider vinegar to 16 oz of water or drink it straight, as a shot (followed by a cup of water), before each meal (2 times per day).  Start with 1 teaspoon in 16 oz of water for a few days to see if you have an adverse reaction. Raw, organic, unfiltered and unpasturized apple cider vinegar is what you want to use.  I suggest the Braggs brand. Also, do not drink daily for more than 2 months straight. You should take a rest for at least 2 months or more.

Apple cider vinegar can be very harsh on the teeth and throat, so you want to dilute it with lemon water or just use 1-2 teaspoons, that’s ok too.  Use a straw to avoid contact with teeth. Brush your teeth 30 min or so later (not right after drinking). Online, you will hear that most people do 1-2 teaspoons or 1-2 tablespoons, but it’s up to you and your needs. I suggest that you do your own research and see what works for you.  If you’ve ever had a bad reaction to vinegar of any kind, then don’t use ACV.

The weight loss claims hinge mostly on a 2009 clinical trial of obese Japanese adults that found those who consumed a beverage containing one or two tablespoons of vinegar every day lost two to four pounds after 12 weeks, while a comparison group given a plain beverage did not lose weight. (The researchers in this study used apple cider vinegar, considered to be a relatively palatable form of the liquid.” Source: NYTimes

Apple Cider Vinegar should be treated like a nutritional supplement, similar to taking vitamins or fiber.  This is not a weight loss quick fix or cure.  It’s not a sure thing and drinking apple cider vinegar alone will not cause you to lose weight.  You still need to eat right and embrace regular exercise if you’re looking to achieve weight loss or greater wellness, but apple cider vinegar can be a tool. I’ve heard from people who said that apple vinegar didn’t agree with them and their stomach was upset. There are medical conditions for which drinking vinegar is an absolute no no, so be aware that this is not for everyone.

*Warning: Talk to a doctor or do your own research. There are potential negative effects! I would not suggest you drink it for more than 2 months straight. After that then stop drinking it for at least 3 months because of the high acid content.  If you experience any negative side affects, stop drinking it (it’s that simple). Apple cider vinegar, vinegar or any high acid food is not recommended for people who have esophagitis, ulcers, ulcerative colitis or Crohn’s disease. If you have these conditions, your doctor may have already given a warning about foods like this.

If you have any serious health concerns like diabetes, high blood pressure, hypertension, are pregnant, or have been advised to avoid high sodium foods, this is not the right supplement for you. Always keep any health issues in mind and make sure that you check with your doctor before incorporating any health supplement into your daily routine.

Side note: ACV diluted with water makes a great hair rinse for those of you who have natural hair.  I’ve used it on my locs (shampoo, ACV rinse, conditioner).

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  1. D. Williams says:

    ACV is great, but you may want to sip through a straw as it’s highly acidic and may damage tooth enamel. If you choose to do shots of ACV, I recommend to drink water or rinse with water immediately after.

    • ajima says:

      I agree and noted above that you should brush your teeth to deal with that issue as well.

      • Moe says:

        I would suggest revising the disclaimer about brushing your teeth. It is important that people don’t brush their teeth RIGHT after taking the ACV, as brushing teeth directly after ingesting something acidic actually can damage tooth enamel more. I would suggest rinsing with water right after the ACV, then brushing your teeth in about an hour (the same applies for drinking soda or eating acidic foods). Feel free to look it up to verify; I am just making the suggestion so you are not accidentally telling your readers to do something that will hurt their enamel.

  2. glenda says:


  3. luloria townes says:

    im trying this and see those it work

  4. Toni says:

    I have used it for heartburn. I use Braggs Apple Cider Vinegar because I was told just regular ACV does not work. I take it sometimes instead of tums, it works. I also took it when I was pregnant instead of meds. I have made a tea with honey and ACV.

  5. Alice Gor says:

    This is great info sharing about Apple Cide Vinegar for Weight Loss & Detox. Thank you.

  6. Steve Dexter says:

    I do not consider myself an expert on the matters of apple cider vinegar, but my understanding of basic chemistry would recommend a solution of water and sodium bicarbonate(ie Baking Soda) as the solution to the tooth enamel concern. Sodium Bicarbonate (or NaHCO3, for you chemistry gurus out there.) is a base, the vinegar is a mild solution of acetic acid (CH3COOH, respectively.). By swishing a solution of the baking soda, you would be mixing the acid with a base. In this case, it would cause a chemical reaction producing carbon dioxide (CO2, the same gas we exhale with every breath) and with that reaction the acidity of the residual vinegar in your mouth would be rendered at a pH closer to 7, which would be considered neutral, perhaps even more base than than that, depending on the amount of baking soda used. An additional point of concern to any who may pursue this method: Do not swallow the solution of baking soda after ingesting the vinegar… You’ll gurgle up like a science-fair volcano, or blow a gasket or lord knows what else. ;0)Just kidding. Realistically, it would probably just make you need to belch, or feel all fizzy inside (ooo…sounds fun, eh?)or worst-case-scenario it might interfere with digestion by lowering the pH of your stomachs natural acids, causing your stomach the need to produce more acids to counteract the neutralizing effect, and also rendering it COMPLETELY pointless to have drank the vinegar in the first place. MUCH ABRIDGED: It doesn’t make sense to drink it, so just swish it around in your mouth and spit it out, for cripes sake! As far as a recipe: A solution of about 1/2 teaspoon of the sodium bicarbonate in 1/2 cup of H2O (that’s water, fer ya’ll dummies out thare…heeeyuck) should be sufficient for the mouth rinse. Cheers, and happy swishing! …and PS: If you blow yourself up by somehow getting this wrong, you didn’t hear this trick from me. ;0)

    • BWebbWilliams says:

      Thanks Steve!! Informative and amusing! All learning should be this way!

    • Vinni says:

      This is good information. Every morning I have 16 oounces of warm water with the juice of 1/2 a lemon, a tablespoon on ACV and a dash of cayenne pepper. I’ll have to do the sodium bicarbonate rinse b/c i guess i have double the acidity with the lemon juice. Also, I had read that NaCO2 (?) ☺ balances PH, which fights against cancer. So I was planning on incorporating that as one of my morning tonics. But now I guess I shouldn’t b/c the other mixture definitely helps my digestion, which I need tremendously. So thanks for the info!

    • Regina Sibert says:

      I agree with BWebbWilliams…all learning should be this fun. Thanks Steve!

    • Natty says:

      Thank you very much Steve and the OP. I use ACV and I often forget about what it’s doing to my tooth enamel and my Dentist has already warned me about my love of sucking on lemons and limes. I’m going to try the baking soda and water mix after I have my ACV. Great info thanks!

  7. Nosa says:

    Can i add it my smoothies ?

  8. Jessica says:

    how does acv help as a rinse for natural hair? whats the benefit difference between acv and white vinegar?

  9. sumi says:

    where to purchase ACV?

  10. Wgreen says:

    Yous should NEVER brush your teeth after drinking ACV. Just rinse your mouth with water.

  11. Genita says:

    I love Braggs ACV. It is also a great to detangle your natural hair. In a spray bottle use one part ACV and 2 part water and spray your hair and always use a wide tooth comb. I also use it as a drink and as well as a skin toner. I do not mix it with water first but my skin and stand it. but for more sensitive skin types you may have to dilute with as a solution and us a cotton ball and apply after you rinse your face. *if you rinse with cold water is shrinks your pores and your skin will feel and look as if more clarity was instantly added to it*

  12. crystal cardenas says:

    The taste is so horrible -_-

  13. dana chan says:

    its working for me

  14. Janette says:

    I just purchased ACV but the winco brand will that still work with weightloss?

  15. tracy says:

    If i buy any ASV it can work, cause i dont c the braggs one 2 buy.

  16. drtla03 says:

    I bought my Bragg’s at Winn Dixie. I’ve been drinking it for a couple of weeks but not daily. I will everyday now after reading this

  17. Tasha says:

    Love it in my salads, cabbage, and greens!

  18. daisha says:

    I use it for my hair instead of shampoo.

  19. Melinda says:

    Apple Cider Vinegar clarifies the hair. I ise it one a month on my locs.

  20. Annette Washington says:

    So i can mix the ACV with honey and that will help me lose weight how long will I have to take it before I see results?

  21. RWash says:

    I have been drinking acv on and off for months and this is the first article that I have found that says that people with ulcers should not drink it. Thanks so much!!! I couldn’t figure out why my stomach hurts as soon as I down some…..

  22. Sandra says:

    I bought my Bragg A.C.V.from Jewel had it for months scared to try it,but I’m trying it tomorrow.I have high blood pressure can I still use it.

  23. Carol Sumpter says:

    I’d like to know if I can take the ACV pills to lose weight ?

  24. PRiNCESSgIgI says:

    ok my love affair with acv i started about 3yrs ago i do 4 tablespoons in 16.9 ounce water because if you put 2tablespoons for 8 ounces of water then 16.9 ounces of water will be 4 tablespoons and i drink one bottle of that in the morning and one bottle in the evening. i vary by the weeks it’s good to lay off of something for a few weeks to let your body adjust or detox even from acv. right now im trying Heinz Unfiltered All Natural Apple Cider Vinegar, 32 fl oz with Mother, so far it’s seems to be working fine as the Braggs however i bought 2 32 ounce bottles once the other bottle runs out imma take a break for about 2 weeks then go back to braggs and just switch em out every other month.

  25. Dina says:

    What happens if you mix ACV with bicarbonate sodium, does it lose it’s effecs, or to use it separately, what happen to our body mixing them together!

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