Bri lost 73 pounds

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Today’s featured weight loss before and after story: Bri lost 73 pounds.  She was able to lose weight in a healthy way, eat right during pregnancy and deal with a diagnosis of Lupus.  Here is what she shared with us:

My weight loss story! I went from 216 pounds to now 143 pounds in less than a year, after giving birth to 3 children!  After getting pregnant with my second child and giving birth in 2010, I found myself weighing 216 pounds and wearing a size 14/16 in clothes. I struggled with my self esteem and my weight for the next 3 years. Was never quite able to lose it, no matter what I tried! Pills, shakes, bars they wouldnt work! Finally in 2012, I said enough is enough!  I changed my diet and started avidly exercising. I went from eating EVERYTHING I wanted and snacks galore to eating smaller meals and less carbs. I did 75 crunches a night and 110 squats. I walked 2 miles a day and drank A LOT of Water and 100% juice.  I also cut down my sugar intake and No snacks! Fruits! After losing 20 lbs in February, I found out that I was 5 months pregnant with my now 1 year old daughter. I still ate right, exercised and everything throughout my pregnancy. Then, I became very ill and bed ridden around May 2012. I still perservered through my eating. I was then diagnosed with Lupus and told that I could no longer exercise. However, I prayed and asked God to get me through it and he did. I gave birth to my daughter July 3rd 2012 and was 180 pounds. I got a personal trainer and kept on my diet.  Here I stand a year later at 143 pounds and healthy! I battle my Lupus like a good soldier and continue to eat right and exercise!

Bri weight loss story

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  1. bmama says:

    Wow…finally a weight loss journey i can relate to. I also have three babies born back to back. And each pregnancy took its toll physically, mentally and emotionally. Just hearing your commitment to fitness inspires me to keep pushing.

  2. Toni says:

    You are a true inspiration I will pray for your strength to continue to endure. All the excuses that I have come up with to not exercise have been put to rest after reading your story.

  3. Simone says:

    So happy for you! Your life is similar to mine, I only suffer from Asthma and bronchiectasis. I am so happy for you! I am motivated and focused because of your words.


  4. Leticia Denise Gant says:

    You are truly an inspiration in giving me hope just as long as you try and stay focused there’s nothing you can accomplish

  5. So Good says:

    You look healthy and beautiful!! God will do it every time!! We just have to ask our Father and do our part the work! Keep inspiring others!!

  6. Cherron R. Wilson says:

    You look amazing, congrats on the babies

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